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Max Hastings is a British columnist who was born in 1945 and educated at Charterhouse and Oxford. Hastings became a foreign correspondent and reported from more than 60 countries and 11 wars. Hastings is famous for being the first journalist to enter Port Stanley during the Falklands War. He went on to become editor of the daily The Telegraph for ten years and then the editor of the London Evening Standard. As at November 2009 he is a media columnist and from 2002-2007 he was President of the Campaign For the Protection of Rural England.

Pro-nuclear and anti-wind power

Hastings is pro-nuclear and like many in CPRE, anti-wind. He said in the Daily Mail in November 2005: "I do have misgivings. But I believe the future must be nuclear."

"For most of us" he continued, wind "turbines are a blight. And it is terrifying to consider that a wind farm the size of Exmoor scarcely matches the generating capacity of a single nuclear plant."[1]

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