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Journal logo circa 2007

The Journal of Conflict Studies (ISSN 1715-5673) (formerly Conflict Quarterly) was a journal of terrorism and low-intensity conflict that was first published in Canada in the Summer of 1980. It was edited by an 'executive editorial board of David Charters, Maurice Tugwell and Dominick Graham from the Centre for Conflict Studies at the University of New Brunswick. [1] It changed its name to the Journal of Conflict Studies in 1995 when the editors chose to publish the jounal annually.[2] As of 2008 it was published annually by the Gregg Centre for the Study of War and Society, the current location of David Charters.[3]

The Journal of Conflict Studies is a peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary, and inter-disciplinary journal that is said to 'accept submissions from a multitude of academic backgrounds as well as area specialists, members of the military and journalists.' [4]

The journal appears to have ceased publication in 2009.


Funding and finances

According to the University of New Brunswick: 'The Jounal of Conflict Studies is supported by gifts received under the Third Century Fund of the University of New Brunswick and by a grant from the Canadian Department of National Defence.'[5]


The Journal of Conflict Studies states that it is issued once a year, works hard to ensure its 'dedication to the publication of scholarly research in the field of low-intensity conflict studies'. Topics Include:

  • revolutionary or civil war
  • guerrilla warfare
  • terrorism
  • counter-insurgency and counter-terror operations
  • propaganda and psychological warfare
  • intelligence activities
  • media coverage of such conflict
  • peacekeeping
  • foreign/military policy
  • strategic studies as they relate to the field[6]


Editorial Staff


G.P. Armstrong | Department of National Defence | Roger Beaumont Texas A&M University | David Charters University of New Brunswick | Anthony Clayton DeMontfort University | David Close Memorial University of Newfoundland | Richard Dale Southern Illinois University | Stuart Farson Simon Fraser University | Noemi Gal-Or Kwantlen University College | Deborah Gerner University of Kansas | Yvon Grenier St. Francis Xavier University | Michael Gunter Tennessee Technological University | Glenn Hastedt James Madison University | David Horner Australian National University | David R. Jones Pensacola Beach, FL | Edith S. Klein University of Toronto | Gordon Mace Laval University | Renée Marlin-Bennett American University | John McGarry University of Waterloo | Abraham H. Miller University of Cincinnati | J. Marc Milner University of New Brunswick | Karen Mingst University of Kentucky | Richard E. Morgan | Bowdoin College | Richard Newell University of Northern Iowa | Thomas Ofcansky US Department of Defense | David E. Schmitt Northeastern University | Amadu Sesay Abafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria | Timothy M. Shaw Dalhousie University | Harold D. Sims University of Pittsburgh | Stephen Sloan University of Oklahoma | Jennifer Morrison Taw RAND Corporation | Charles Townshend University of Keele | Grant Wardlaw Australian Bureau of Criminal Intelligence | Douglas L. Wheeler University of New Hampshire | James J. Wirtz US Naval Postgraduate School[8]




Contact details, Resources, Notes


External Resources


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