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John Wyles is a Partner at GPlus Europe, a PR and lobbying group specializing on communications in Europe. Wyles is a former journalist and Financial Times bureau chief in Brussels.

From the GPlus profile[1]:

First as bureau chief of the Financial Times in Brussels, then as a successful EU strategic adviser in his own right, John Wyles brings a powerful mix of media, political and corporate experience to GPlus Europe. Over the years he has acquired an unrivalled knowledge of the EU, its policies and the people who run it.
John has 10 years experience giving strategic advice on EU affairs to clients in banking, accounting, automobile, high technology, financial services and other sectors. At GPlus he is responsible, among other things, for designing and implementing Communication Strategies for a large European insurance group and for advising the TransAtlantic Business Dialogue. He is closely involved in the policy debates surrounding competitiveness, nutrition and agriculture, and how they impact on business in Europe and America.
John spent 18 years on the FT staff, as Foreign News Editor and as Rome and New York correspondent, as well as heading the FT's coverage of EU affairs in Brussels for five years. Between 1995 and 2001, John developed the Euro information campaign for the European Commission. The campaign was hugely successful in raising awareness of the Euro and in encouraging companies and public institutions to prepare for it.
Outside of GPlus, John is a Senior Adviser to leading Brussels think-tank the European Policy Centre. He is also active in the design and moderation of an annual three-day seminar for MBA students from Europe and the US. He contributes to the work of the Transatlantic Policy Network – a grouping of MEPs, Congressmen and business leaders dedicated to strengthening EU-US relations.


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