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Joel Titus, former EDL organiser Source: Islamophbia Watch

Joel Titus was an organiser in the English Defence League in 2009.

Hope Not Hate described his role as follows:

Aged 18, Titus is of mixed race and comes from Harrow, North London. He is an Arsenal supporter though attends Brentford home games. However, he boasted on his Facebook page that he took part in the recent West Ham and Millwall clashes. He has been able to draw in Arsenal and QPR hooligans to EDL activities. He runs the English Defence Youth and is paraded to the media as proof of their non-racist agenda.[1]

Titus was accused of assaulting a photojournalist at the Stop the Islamisation of Europe demonstration in Harrow on 13 December 2009. Another photographer took a picture of the incident.[2] The Metropolitan Police confirmed that "an 18-year-old man from Harrow was arrested and cautioned following an allegation of common assault" at the demonstration.[3]




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