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Jeremy Corbyn has been the Labour Party Member of Parliament (MP) for Islington North since 1983.[1]

In September 2015 he overwhelmingly won the Labour leadership contest and was appointed party leader on the 12th of that month.

Labour leader

In June 2015 Corbyn announced he would stand as a candidate to succeed Ed Miliband as the leader of the Labour Party, and would do so on a 'clear anti-austerity platform'.[2]


  • Simon Fletcher, campaign director. Fletcher has worked a number of key Labour figures including; Ken Livingstone for twelve years, including eight years as his chief of staff when he was Mayor of London; Tony Benn and is believed to have been a member of Socialist Action; and Ed Miliband, as his trade union liaison officer. He will work for Corbyn out of the Transport Salaried Staffs' Association Union offices in London.
  • Kat Fletcher, agent. Was elected president of the National Union of Students in 2004, after running on an anti-tuition fees ticket and defeating the Labour Students candidate. Fletcher then worked at the Centre for Excellence in Leadership, as Ed Miliband's head of volunteers in his Labour leadership campaign in 2010 and as Corbyn's agent in the 2015 general election. She has been a councillor since 2013 and is currently deputy mayor on Islington council and runs small London pub company Handmade Pubs.
  • Jon Trickett, adviser. MP for Hemsworth since 1996 and the current Labour Party deputy chairman, Tricket was one of the first MPs to back Corbyn. As an MP Trickett has worked as a PPS to Peter Mandelson and was a key ally of Ed Miliband, serving as his shadow minister without a portfolio and worked with him on speeches and policy announcements.
  • Harry Fletcher, volunteer. Was assistant general secretary of trade union NAPO for over twenty years until 2013. Founder of Digital Trust, a not-for-profit group aiming to tackle digital abuse.
  • Len McCluskey. The general secretary of Unite, Britain's biggest trade union and Labour's biggest donor.[3]


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