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JAIF is the main pro-nuclear lobby organisation in Japan. it has about 800 members from those involved in the Japanese nuclear industry. Its main functions include representation of the industry to government and the public, acting as a forum for the industry, and international cooperation with overseas nuclear associations. Networks closely with FORATOM. [1]

Nuclear Vital to CO2 Reduction

In 1997, JAIF and FORATOM, were amongst four organisations that signed a declaration at the United Nations Climate talks {COP3} held in Japan, that stated that support for nuclear power is vital to efforts to curtail CO2 emissions. [2]

The JAIF has consistently promoted nuclear as a solution to climate. In 2005, it produced a document that argued that the Japanese government should promote the inclusion of nuclear energy into the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) within the Kyoto Protocol. [3] This would mean that industrialised countries could get carbon credits by investing in nuclear power in developing countries.

On a global level, JAIF is a co-founder of the International Nuclear Forum and "is pushing ahead international cooperation in an effort to fight global warming". [4]

Our Lost Ten Years

In 2002, JAIF's then chairman Dr Junichi Nishizawa described the past decade as the country's "lost 10 years" in terms of nuclear when, following a number of domestic accidents and scandals, efforts to "recover trust in nuclear power" had yet "to be fully achieved." [5]


In April 2006, the JAIF underwent a major "restructuring" for the first time in its 50-year history in order to help "lead the nuclear industry forward". [6]

Key Personnel

  • Takashi Imai - Chairman and honorary chairman of the Japan Business Federation (Nippon Keidanren). Ex-chairman of Nippon Steel Corporation


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