Ian Marchant

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Ian Marchant is a powerful Scot with multiple board room connections in the energy sector. In an article on the top 20 most powerful Scots, Lindsay McIntosh says:

Ian Marchant is head of Perth-based Scottish & Southern Energy, which is behind the highly controversial Beauly-Denny power line. He trained as an accountant and was seconded to the department of energy where he worked on electricity privatisation. He joined the then-Southern Electric in 1992 as head of corporate financial planning before taking over as finance director in 1996, a role he retained at the merger with Scottish Hydro-Electric in 1998. He then took over as chief executive, giving the firm one of the youngest FTSE 100 profiles. He is also chairman of the UK Business Council for Sustainable Energy and the Climate Change Business Delivery Group, a member of Ofgem's Environmental Advisory Group, the Coal Forum and of the Energy Research Partnership. In all senses, a powerful Scot with huge influence in the crucial energy sector - and in the crucible of discussion where business meets the green lobby and tries to find answers suitable for the future of Scotland.[1]

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