Hooligans Against Salafists

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HoGeSa supporters at a PEGIDA protest in Berlin (BAEGIDA).

Hooligans Against Salafists (HoGeSa) is a far-right German anti-Muslim group. It has been described as 'an alliance of violent soccer fans and right-wingers who say they fear the rise of radical Islam in Europe'[1].

It is said to share at least one organiser with Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA)[2], some sources reporting he is a lawyer and also a member of the far right Alternative for Germany party.[3]


  • On 26 October 2014 in Cologne a HoGeSa march turned violent. Some sources said 400 activists ‘went on a rampage’, according to Der Spiegel[2], other sources put the numbers at 2500. The rally was reportedly registered with the authorities by a member of the far right Pro NRW party.[4].
  • In November 2014 in Hanover a HoGeSa demonstration was reportedly outnumbered by counter-protesters.[3] About 5000 HoGeSa supporters had been expected but around 2,600 showed up.[1]
  • A protest on 8 December 2014 in Düsseldorf was said involve HoGeSa supporters among its planners. Seeking replicate the PEGIDA movement, it was organised under the name DÜGIDA[3].



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