Gurinder Singh Josan

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Gurinder Singh Josan is a Labour candidate for Smethwick in the 2024 General Election. He is strongly associated with the Zionist 'anti fascist' group Hope not Hate, which works closely with the Zionist movement and the British State to target the left and politically active Muslims.


Company directorships

Company Name Company Number Company Status Role Appointed On Resigned On Nationality Country of residence Occupation
Hope Not Hate Charitable Trust 02738367 Active Director 9 December 2014 - British England Self Employed
Hope Not Hate Limited 08188502 Active Director 9 December 2014 - British England Self Employed
Sikhs For Labour Limited 14027518 Active Director 5 April 2022 - British England Self Employed
Victoria Academies Trust 07887796 Active Director 2 January 2015 - British England Self Employed
Josan Estates Limited 05646678 Active Director 6 December 2005 - British England Director
Warley Hardware Centre Limited 05176894 Active Director 12 July 2004 - British England Director
Smethwick Health And Wellbeing Education Trust 06803262 Active Director 1 May 2022 - English England Company Director
Akaal Education Trust 08334743 Active Director 1 October 2014 2 October 2019 British England Self Employed
Sandwell Leisure Trust 05011501 Active Director 6 July 2004 19 May 2009 British England Self Employed
Kensington Park Homes Limited 04564946 Dissolved Secretary 17 October 2002 11 October 2003 British - Self Employed