Great George Street

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A street in Central London a few minutes walk from the Palace of Westminster. It runs West from Parliament Square which connects it to Bridge Street which runs past Parliament to the river Thames. It takes up only a block and then continues running West as Birdcage Walk at the junction with Horse Guards Road.

Only No. 1 remains standing on the South side of the road and it is the global headquarters of the Institution of Civil Engineers.[1] Since 1989 it has also functioned as a conference and wedding venue under the name of One Great George Street.[2]

Nuclear Lobby groups

The British Nuclear Energy Society (BNES) gives its address as 'The Institution of Civil Engineers, One Great George Street, London SW1P 3AA, United Kingdom, whereas Supporters of Nuclear Energy, (SONE) gives its address C/O BNES at 7 Great George Street. [3] [4]


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