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George Freeman

George Freeman has been the Conservative Party MP for Mid Norfolk since 2010 [1] and in the 2015 election he retained his seat with a majority of 17,276. [2]

He was appointed as parliamentary under-secretary of state at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Department of Health in July 2014.[3] He was appointed government adviser on life sciences in July 2011 where he worked closely with the Department of Health and coordinated the Government’s Life Science and Innovation, Health and Wealth Strategies (2011), and the Agri-Tech Industrial Strategy (2013). Following that, he was appointed to the post of Prime Minister’s UK Trade Envoy. [4]

Party Conference 2014: Speaker at private health invitation-only event

During the Conservative Party Conference 2014, the Social Market Foundation held a late night meeting on the future of the NHS. The event was sponsored by private health company Bupa, Freeman was scheduled to speak at the invitation-only event[5]. Another speaker at the event was SMF director Nigel Keohane, who has long argued the idea of charges to see a GP and bemoaned the slow pace of NHS privatisation.[6]

External interests

After becoming a minister, Freeman quit his directorship of an agricultural seed business. Parliamentary records show that between October 2012 and March 2014 he earned £8,321,78 for 45 hours work as a non-executive director of Elsoms (Spalding) Ltd.

He believes, 'Politics needs fewer professional politicians and spin doctors, and more people who have worked in the real world. It can be a good thing when an MP can bring front-line experience as a doctor, dentist, or say, non-executive director of their family business.

'But being an MP is a full-time job so I think there should be a limit on the hours so that any outside interests have to be on top of a full-time job as MP, and should be capped at a few hours each week, and fully declared so our constituents can decide.'[7]

Special advisers and aides



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