Foundation for Excellence in Education

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Foundation for Excellence in Education is a Florida-headquartered, non-profit group founded in 2008 by former Florida governor and Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush.

The FEE describes itself as, 'working with decision makers on developing, adopting and implementing [education] reform policies. We are a hands-on, how-to organization that provides model legislation, rule-making expertise, implementation strategies, and public outreach.'

It aggressively promotes online schools.


2014 donors include:[1]


Foundation for Excellence in Education has been criticised for working with US public officials to write education laws that could benefit some of its corporate funders. It has also been accused of providing ‘a dating service for corporations selling educational products – including virtual schools – to school chiefs’.[2]

Political links

  • Jeb Bush, founder
  • Michael Gove gave a keynote speech to the 2013 at the foundation’s annual conference.




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