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ForthRoad is a design consultancy that assists clients with meeetings and events. It is based in Fife.

In 2003/04 the consultancy was paid £29,000 by Nirex to help "facilitate external events". [1]

Part of this work included the facilitation of the following workshop and report: "Compatibility of Nirex waste package specifications with a range of waste management options. A workshop sponsored by the Radioactive Waste Policy Group (Defra)".

ForthRoad had also undertaken work for Nirex in 2002, including:

"Strategic Environmental Assessment/Environmental Impact Assessment Workshop", December, 2002; "Evaluation Measures Meeting. A record of the meeting hosted by United Kingdom Nirex Limited". November, 2002 "Nirex Meeting with Trade Union Representatives." "Reference Case Inventory and Radiological Criteria Workshop." "Workshop on the monitoring and retrievability of radioactive waste". A report prepared for Nirex by UKCEED and CSEC, in association with FourthRoad Limited, February, 2002. [2]