Federation of Small Businesses

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The FSB is non-profit making and non-party political.

The FSB is the largest campaigning pressure group promoting and protecting the interests of the self-employed and owners of small firms. Formed in 1974, it now has over 200,000+ members across 33 regions and 230 branches. On the member benefits side, it offers assistance and support 24 hours a day, while its lobbying arm - led by the Westminster Press and Parliamentary office - applies pressure on MPs, Government and Whitehall, lobbies politicians in their constituencies and puts the FSB viewpoint over to the media.

One of the major benefits is the FSB's legal helpline which operates 24 hours a day. Last year, the helpline received over 100,000 calls, the majority of calls on employment matters but also dealing with issues such as commercial contract, landlord and tenant and consumer affairs.

The FSB also has Press and Parliamentary Offices in Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast to lobby the devolved assemblies on behalf of members. Area Policy Development Officers work alongside Regional Development Agencies to further FSB influence at the regional level.

The FSB is in an ideal position to influence policy with its direct access to politicians and civil servants in Westminster and Whitehall. In addition the FSB has access to the European Commission through our office in Brussels.


'A community that recognises, values and adequately rewards the endeavours of those who are self employed and small business owners within the UK'

Mission Statement

To be and remain the largest and most effective organisation promoting and protecting the interest of the self employed and small business owners within the UK.