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Executive Outcomes is a South African mercenary firm.

Executive Outcomes was founded in 1989 by Eeben Barlow, a former assistant commander of the 32nd Battalion of SADF and then agent with the South African Civil Cooperation Bureau (CCB). [1]



In January 1993, UNITA over-ran Soyo, an important supply base for several oil companies. UNITA refused requests for access. Tony Buckingham of Heritage Oil discussed the issue with other oil companies, and his associate Simon Mann suggested an approach to Eeben Barlow's private military company Executive Outcomes for help. A proposal to retake Soyo was agreed with the Angolan Government.[2] Executive Outcomes began its assault on Soyo on February 16 1993, and succeeded in taking the town, which as however, retaken by UNITA after EO's withdrawal some six weeks later.[3]

Democratic Republic of Congo

In 1996, during Laurent Kabila’s ADFL and the Rwandan Patriotic Army’s (RPA) rush to Kinshasa to unseat Mobutu, Executive Outcomes was hired to provide air support for the soldiers. One Congolese source recalled their gunships stationed on the hills behind the Mugunga camps as well as over Lake Kivu. They would shell the camps at night in an attempt to kill Hutu refugees who had run away from Rwanda following the genocide and clear the way for advancing troops.[4]



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