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The [[European Platform on Diet, Physical Activity and Health]] is a multi-stakeholder forum set up in 2005 by the then [[European Health and Consumer Protection Commissioner]] [[Markos Kyprianou]].  The forum is intended to encourage interested parties to take initiatives aimed at fighting rising levels of obesity in Europe. 
==Food industry contributions ==
In December 2007 Eleven major food and beverage companies announced their commitment to adressing the way in which they advertise their products to children.[[Rocco Renaldi]] of [[Landmark Europe]] is the spokesperson for the food companies which are: [[Burger King]],    [[Coca-Cola]], [[Groupe Danone]], [[Ferrero]], [[General Mills]], [[Kelloggs]], [[Kraft]], [[Mars]], [[Nestle]], [[PepsiCo]], [[Unilever]].  <ref> Press Release by Landmark Europe BRUSSELS, 11 December 2007 [http://www.fachverbandwerbung.at/mmdb/1/2/602.pdf FOOD AND DRINK COMPANIES PLEDGE TO CHANGE ADVERTISING TO CHILDREN] accessed 10th August 2009 </ref>
==References ==
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