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  • BA in Politics and History (Newcastle)
  • MSc in Marketing (UMIST)
  • PhD in Marketing (UMIST)

Banister joined the Department of Marketing at Lancaster in July 2003 after 3 years as a Lecturer in Consumer Behaviour in the Department of Textiles, UMIST. Her first degree was in Politics and History at Newcastle University and she completed an MSc in Marketing at the Manchester School of Management, UMIST in 1997. Her MSc dissertation focused on the structure and transfer of meaning in the music industry, and specifically explored the consumption of imagery by adolescent consumers. On completion of her MSc she spent a year working as a Research Analyst for Euromonitor. She joined Manchester School of Management, UMIST as a Research Assistant (to Dr Margaret Hogg) on an ADRC/RIF funded project in August 1998, examining negative congruence and incongruence in consumer behaviour. On the basis of this she began her PhD, which was awarded in May 2002.[1]

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Banister E N, Booth G J, 2004, 'Tastes, Distastes and Disgusts: Young Consumers Positive and Negative Experiences of Food', Advances in Consumer Research, vol XXX1.

Banister E N, Booth G J, 2003, 'Consumer socialisation and the formation of children's likes and dislikes', in Special Session European Advances in Consumer Research 'Learning to Consume: Research Amongst Child Consumers'

Banister E N, Booth G J, forthcoming, 'Capturing Childhood Experiences: Exploring Innovative Methodologies for Child-Centric Consumer Research', Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal


Phone:+44 (0) 1524 593919



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