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Elizabeth Handsley is a Professor of Law at Flinders University, Australia.

Biographical Information


Current activities

Handsley's current research interests include the regulation of food advertising to children.[1]



In reply to an e-mail inquiry in January 2009 regarding her membership of the AEF Handsley stated that,"

I've been a member of the AEF for probably about 4 years; I think I sort of got added to their list semi-involuntarily when I went to have some discussions with one of their people for some research that I was doing on regulation of food ads. That is, they invited me to join and I wanted to think about whether it was really consistent with the critical stance I take on these things. While I was dithering, I found I started receiving some stuff from them and I've never objected. Actually I think they gave me a form to fill out and I never returned it, but they added me anyway. I've certainly never been paid, but they've never really asked anything of me either. Therefore it's hard to avoid the conclusion that the main purpose of my membership is to enable the ad industry to say I'm a member." [3]

Publications, Contact, Resources and Notes



Phone:(08) 8201 5256



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