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E3G is an organisation working for sustainable development by 'forging closer alignment between the actions of government, business and civil society bodies. Our collective experience in policy, politics and diplomacy gives us a unique capacity to catalyse change across institutional boundaries. Strategy: we work with partners on projects to deliver the strategic visions and organisational change that underpin successful responses to the risks and opportunities of sustainable development; Advice: we provide high level advice on policy and politics to selected individuals and institutions. ' [1]

E3G is a UK registered observer party to the COP summits.

Their activities are split into 4 areas: Climate and Energy Security, Europe in the World, New Foreign Policy, and Systems for Change.

On Climate and Energy Security.

'The core of E3G’s approach is to reframe the climate change debate around how to deliver the scale and pace of investment needed to preserve a stable climate, and to animate new coalitions and propositions to help achieve this outcome.
E3G’s existing activities on Climate and Energy Security include working with EU institutions, governments, businesses and NGOs to accelerate plans to build Carbon Capture demonstration plants in China and across the EU.
We also undertake strategic engagement in processes which can help deliver a reframing of the climate change debate, prioritising the G8, the EU Energy Policy review and by contributing to the building of a coalition around a robust EU climate security position.' [2]


Funding and finances

Department for the Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs Department for International Development Environmental Defense Esmee Fairbairn Foundation European Climate Foundation Italian Ministry for Environment and Territory Natural Resources Defense Council Shell Foundation WWF





Contact details, Resources, Notes


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External Resources


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