Council for a Community of Democracies

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The Council for a Community of Democracies (CCD) is an NGO based in Washington, looking to "shape an organization of democracies capable of united action, thereby strengthening the United Nations, articulating policy recommendations on key global issues, and assisting budding democracies on the difficult road to success[1]."


CCD is funded by grants from:

Russell Family Foundation | John Whitehead Foundation | Henry Luce Foundation | Rockefeller Brothers Fund |Bumper Foundation of Canada | Canadian Parliamentary Centre | Center for Communications, Health and the Environment | Foundation for Democratic Education

In 2002, CCD received grants, in support of the Non-Governmental Forum, in November, 2002, Seoul, Korea [2]from:

U.S. Department of State | Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy | German Embassy | Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Board of Directors

Robert Hunter, Chairman | Richard Rowson, Vice President | John Ikenberry, Vice President | Mark Palmer, Vice President | Jack Buechner, Secretary | John Lentz, Treasurer | Carol C Adelman | Amelia Augustus | Pauline Baker | Herman Cohen | Jonathan Davidson | Dieter Dettke | Larry Diamond | Paula Dobriansky | Jeffrey Gedmin | Morton Halperin | Charles Heck | Dennis M Hertel | Amory Houghton, Jr | Christopher Jones | Penn Kemble, Former Director | David Kilgour | Jeremy Kinsman | Robert R LaGamma | Mark P Lagon | Theresa Loar | Henry Nau | Robert A Pastor | James N Purcell, Jr | Vi Raymond | John Sewell | David Yang | Johnny Young | Lynne K Zusman

Senior Advisors

Peter Ackerman | John Brademas | William E. Brock III | Frank C Carlucci | Hodding Carter III | Max M Kampelman | George F Russell, Jr | John C Whitehead

CCD Founders

Albert Hamilton | James R Huntley | Richard C Olson | Walter Raymond | John Richardson, President Emeritus


Robert R LaGamma, President | Joshua Silva, Administrative and Program Officer | Daniel Hollingsworth, Program Officer | Lynne K Zusman, General Counsel


DACOR Bacon House, Suite 308,
1801 F St. N.W. Washington DC 20006
Tel: 202-789-9771 Fax: 202-789-9764


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