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Consolidated Communications
Consolidated Communications
==Address(es) in UK==
Contact: Angela Pollock
:1-5 Poland Street
:London W1F 8PR
:Tel: 020 7287 2087
:Fax: 020 7734 0772
:e-mail: publicaffairs@consol.co.uk
:51a Frederick Street,
:Edinburgh EH2 1LH
:Website: [http://www.consol.co.uk www.consol.co.uk]
===Offices outside UK===
(employed and freelance) providing consultancy services 1 December  2003 to 31 May 2004)
*[[Edward Vaizey]]
*[[Angela Pollock]]
*[[David Oliver]]
*[[Dominic Masterton-Smith]]
*[[Jessica Gilbert]]
*[[Amy Ward]]
*[[Marianna Panizza]]
*[[Sally Pagonakis]]
*[[Robin Grainger]]
==Fee-Paying clients==
(for whom UK consultancy services provided 1 December  2003 to 31 May 2004)
*[[Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries]]
*[[Co-operative Financial Services]]
*[[Eastern Region Pharmaceutical Group]]
*[[Equitable Life]]
*[[London Taxis International]]
*[[Mobile Industry Crime]]
*[[Action Forum]]
*[[Nations Healthcare]]
*[[Regent Inns]]
*[[Virgin Mobile]]
*[[Virgin Money]]
*[[Walt Disney]]
*[[World Vision]]
===Fee-Paying Clients for whom only UK monitoring services provided===
:None (1 Dec 2003 to 31 May 2004)

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