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Charles Leadbeater describes himself as an "authority on innovation and creativity"[1] He is currently;

Senior Research Associate at the think tank Demos Visiting senior fellow at the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts Partner in Participle He also advises a number of organisations on innovation including BBC, Vodafone, Microsoft, Ericsson, and Channel Four Television

He experience includes:

Senior Advisor to Tony Blair at the 10 Downing Street Policy Office Special Advisor to the European Commission Advisor to the government of Shanghai Advisor to the Department of Education for personalized approaches to learning He also worked as a journalist for the Financial Times and the Independent as well as contributing to Marxism Todayduring the 80s

We-think, which is due to be published in 2007, is the latest in a string of acclaimed books: Living on Thin Air, a guide to living and working in the new economy; Up the Down Escalator, an attack on the culture of public pessimism accompanying globalisation and In Search of Work, published in the 1980's, which was one of the first books to predict the rise of more flexible and networked forms of employment,,746396,00.html

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