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The Central Fund of Israel is a US charity based in New York.[1]

In July 2010, the New York Times reported on the fund's role in funding Jewish settlements in the West Bank:

A prominent clearinghouse is the Central Fund of Israel, operated from the Marcus Brothers Textiles offices in the Manhattan garment district. Dozens of West Bank groups seem to view the fund as little more than a vehicle for channelling donations back to themselves, instructing their supporters that if they want a tax break, they must direct their contributions there first. The fund’s president, Hadassah Marcus, acknowledged that it received many checks from donors “who want them to go to different programs in Israel,” but, she said, the fund retains ultimate discretion over the money. It also makes its own grants to needy Jewish families and monitors them, she said, adding that the fund, which collected $13 million in 2008, was audited and complies with I.R.S. rules.[2]

According to Haaretz, the fund donates to the right-wing Israeli group Im Tirtzu.[3]


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