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B.A Politics - Strathclyde University

Phd Politics - Edinburgh University

Worked For the BBC

1992 Set up her own training consultant compant Enspire

2004 Chief Executive Centre for Confidence and Well Being

Carol Craig is married to journalist Alf Young


The Scots Crisis of Confidence (2003) Big Thinking: Glasgow

In her book the Scot's crisis of confidence and in her blogs on the website for the centre for confidence and well being Carol Craig argues that Scots lack confidence and self belief. This lack of optimism damages economic growth, enterprise and physical and mental health. She argues that it is this fear which creates the popularity of left wing egalitarian politics in Scotland as people feel that they have to account for their behaviour to others. All this puts a check on personal ambition and market success. The solution is to ignore what she calls Scotland fixation with political solutions and accept that an egalitarian future is impossible. We instead need to focus on individual fulfilment.[1]

Not surprisingly this is an idea which has met with a great deal of support from certain sectors. Alan Hogarth of the Scottish CBI said approvingly "we have to get over the cultural problems of still degenerating success which promotes an anti enterprise anti profit culture." [2] Carol Craig was also quoted approving by Gordon Brown in his address to the Carnegie Foundation. The introduction to her book was written by Kirsty Wark.


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