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Canada’s first private nuclear generator, and one of Ontario's largest independent power generators. Bruce Power is a partnership between Cameco Corporation, TransCanada,[1] and BPC Generation Infrastructure Trust[2] - a trust established by the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System.[3] [4]

The consortium was established at the end of 2002 to acquire British Energy's share in Bruce Power. [5]

Bruce Power is the licensed operator of the Bruce A and Bruce B nuclear generating stations, located on Lake Huron, approximately 250 kilometres northwest of Toronto.

Bruce Power entered into a lease agreement with Ontario Power Generation in 2001 to operate the Bruce A and B nuclear generating stations. The lease is for a period of 18 years, with an option to renew up to a further 25 years. The four nuclear reactors on Bruce B have a total net capacity of over 2200MW. Bruce A units were laid up in the period of 1996-98. A program to restart two of the four units (Units 3 and 4) began in 2001, and both are now back in service. Agreement to refurbish Bruce A Units 1 and 2 was finalized in October 2005 and it expected to take 5 years. [6]

Bruce Power is a member of the World Nuclear Association. [7]