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Bob Ward is Policy and Communications Director of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the LSE, which he joined in November 2008, shortly after its launch.[1] He is also Policy and Communications Director for the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy;[1]

Ward joined the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) from Risk Management Solutions, where he was Director of Public Policy and Director, Global Science Networks between October 2006 and late 2008. Risk Management Solutions Ltd is a risk agency which monitors both health and 'terrorism' risks and is connected with the official view of terror through the Rand Corporation. RMS is owned by the Daily Mail and General Trust.[1]

Ward also worked as Press and PR manager at the Royal Society, the UK national academy of science, for eight years, until October 2006. His responsibilities there included leading the media relations team. Ward has also worked as a freelance science writer and journalist.


Ward has a first degree in geology and an unfinished PhD thesis on palaeopiezometry. [1]

Views on science and journalism

Ward has stated that:

Science has a great profile in the UK media, thanks to the work of our outstanding science journalists. However, scientists are still living a charmed life and are not exposed to much scrutiny of their motives and personal opinions. I think more scientists will find themselves under investigation by the media, which should be welcomed because it will help to weed out bad behaviour and will signify the wider recognition of the important roles that scientists occupy. Alas I fear most scientists will regard it as an unwarranted intrusion, without recognising that the media should be holding scientists to account in the same way as they do doctors, judges or any other professionals.[2]




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