Bill Drayton

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Bill Drayton is the CEO, chair and founder of Ashoka. According to Ashoka's webiste 'Bill Drayton has been a social entrepreneur since he was a New York City elementary school student.'

'By high school he was... a NAACP member and actively engaged in and deeply moved by civil rights work. At Harvard he founded the Ashoka Table; and, at Yale Law School, he launched Yale Legislative Services...

Bill... was a McKinsey and Company consultant for almost ten years... for four years, he was Assistant Administrator at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency... Later he founded and led Save EPA (an association of professional environmental managers that helped the Congress, press, administration, citizen groups, and public understand and the block much of the radically destructive policies proposed by the Administrator Ann Gorsuch and others). Bill also founded and led Environmental Safety (which helps develop and spread better ways of implementing environmental laws). He is currently significantly involved as board chair of Get America Working! and Youth Venture.