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Bechtel Corporation (Bechtel Group) is the largest construction and engineering company in the USA,[1] ranking as the 5th-largest privately owned company in the US.[2] Its headquarters are in San Francisco.[3] As of 2010, Bechtel had $27.9 billion in revenue and employed 52,700 workers on projects in nearly 40 countries.[4]


According to Bechtel's website:

Since the earliest commercial nuclear reactors a half-century ago, Bechtel has played a pivotal role in every phase of the industry’s development. We have designed and/or built more than half of the nuclear power plants in the United States, and we currently provide operating services to many of those plants and others as well. Bechtel offers a complete selection of services, including plant recovery support, plant license renewal, steam generator replacement, and new nuclear generation. [5]

A seat at the UK's top nuclear table

Bechtel attended the Nuclear Industry Council's inaugural meeting in February 2013


Water operations

In Ecuador Bechtel was accused of increasing bills whilst failing to fulfill the promises it made to win an intial water operations contract granted in 2002.[7]


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