Bank of Western Australia Ltd

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The Bank of Western Australia Ltd, more commonly known as BankWest was set up be the Government of Western Australia in 1895 as the Agricultural Bank of Western Australia as a rural lender to support the State's farming industries.

The bank was incorporated in 1990, and changed its name to the Bank of Western Australia Limited, with the trading name BankWest in 1994, in preparation for privatisation. In December 1995 Bank of Scotland acquired the operation, and as part of the sale agreement, offered 49 per cent of the shares in BankWest to the public. BankWest shares listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on February 1, 1996 [1].

With the 2001 merger between Halifax Plc and the Bank of Scotland to form HBOS plc, HBOS acquired all outstanding shares to make Bank of Western Australia its wholly owned subsidiary[2].


  • Rodger McArthur - Managing Director BankWest and Chief Executive Group Functions HBOSA
  • Paul Clark - CEO Corporate and Business Division
  • Selina Duncalf - Acting Chief Executive Officer, Retail Division


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