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The Asia Foundation based in San Francisco and founded in 1954, was established and subsidized by the CIA until 1967 when the link was exposed. Since 1984, through the Asia Foundation Act, its funding source has changed to the State Department. Today it has 18 offices across Asia, 12 of which were established by 'anti-communist propagandist', James L. Stewart [1]

It "was founded in 1954 and throughout the 1960s had an annual budget of about $8 million. This money was used to support Asian schools and libraries, give travel grants to Asians for international conferences, and in support of expanded Pacific trade. In 1967 it was revealed that they were receiving CIA funds. Victor Marchetti, once an executive assistant to the CIA's deputy director, is less delicate -- he says Asia Foundation was established by the CIA and until 1967 was heavily subsidized by them, even though some of their activities were legitimate.

"In 1987 the Foundation received $10 million from State and another $3.7 million from AID, in addition to private support (88 percent of which was in the form of donated books) and matching Asian contributions." [2]

In Afghanistan, the organization works in conjunction with the mercenary firm, Global Risk Strategies.



  • William L. Ball III, Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee; President, National Soft Drink Association; Former U.S. Secretary of the Navy
  • Michael H. Armacost, Vice Chairman; Shorenstein Distinguished Fellow for Political Affairs, Asia/Pacific Research Center, Stanford University; Former U.S. Ambassador and Under Secretary of State
  • William P. Fuller, President (stepped down in 2004)
  • Susan J. Pharr, Secretary
  • Edwin O. Reischauer, Professor of Japanese Politics, Director, Program on U.S.-Japan Relations, and Acting Director, Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, Harvard University
  • Paul S. Slawson, Treasurer; Business Leader
  • Barnett F. Baron, Executive Vice President
  • Gordon R. Hein, Vice President, Programs
  • Nancy Yuan, Vice President and Director, Washington, D.C.
  • John Croizat, Assistant Treasurer
  • Gretchen Yen, Assistant Secretary

Members / Officers and Senior Staff in U.S. / Staff in Asia

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