António José Seguro

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António José Martins Seguro is the Secretary-General of the Portuguese Socialist Party.[1]

Seguro was born in Penamacor on March 11, 1962. After graduating in International Relations, he concluded his studies with a Master degree in Political Science. He became the Director of ‘A Verdade de Penamacor’, a local newspaper.[1]

He joined the socialist youth movement where he became the acting President from 1985-1990 and Secretary General from 1990-1994. In 1999, he was seconded to the European Parliament to work closely with the Socialists & Democrats group in the EP as a co-reporter on the Treaty of Nice and the Future of the European Union. In 2001, he was asked to become adviser to Prime Minister António Guterres. From 2006-2011, he returned to the European Parliament. On the 5th June 2011, António José Seguro was elected Secretary General of the Portuguese Socialist Party (PS).[1]


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