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Anita Borch is a researcher at the SIFO National Institute for Consumer Research, Norway.

Biographical Information


Borch was educated cand. polit at the University of Oslo in 1994 with culture and consumer sociology as special field. She has worked at SIFO since 1994 and is now doing her PhD dealing with gambling at home.[1]

Current activities

Borch's current research interests include egaming behaviours amongst adolescents.



In reply to an email inquiry regarding her AEF membership Borch stated, "In fact I am not sure if I am a member or not. As far as I remember, I was supposed to be a member many years ago (seven, eight?), but I never completed a formula I was supposed to fill in. Thus I think one person contacted me once based on this AEF list. I could not answer her question. It is also possible that I once was asked to held a speach at a conference once based on this list, but as I couln't go, I send a collegue. I do not think she got paid. That's all." [3]

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