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In 2006 Amicus and T&G union members voted to merge to create Unite, one of Britain and Ireland's newest and biggest trade union with around two million members.

Pro-nuclear activities

In March 2006 Amicus union members working in nuclear power stations converged on the UK parliament to tell MPs that Britain needed a new generation of nuclear power stations. According to their press release:

Organised by the Nuclear Workers' Campaign (NWC), the lobby of Parliament is timed to convince MPs, the Prime Minister and his Cabinet that nuclear power is the right answer as part of a secure and balanced energy policy. [1]

The Times newspaper reported that "Amicus, Britain's biggest private sector union, is backing the use of nuclear power, pressing the Government to speed up its energy review and support new nuclear plants urgently. The union says that nuclear power is essential to combat soaring energy costs, in part caused by deregulation, which are threatening thousands of jobs because parts of industry are cutting back production."[2]


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