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Lobbying against Obamacare:

has engaged in a variety of efforts to roll back the law. And while AFP is a 501(c)4, it has still drawn support from various foundations.
One of AFP's supporters is the John William Pope Foundation, which gave AFP $1 million in general operating support in 2013. Since 2004, Pope has given 24 grants to Americans for Prosperity, some of which were half a million dollars a pop, and most of which were in the six figures.
And while we're on the topic of the Pope Foundation, which is controlled by the North Carolina conservative leader Art Pope, we should also note that it's a big backer of the John Locke Foundation, giving it $2.5 million in 2013. And while those grants were for "general operating support," the John Locke Foundation is deeply involved right now in pushing an anti-Obamacare agenda as laid out by their website.
In 2013, Pope also gave over $1.3 million to the John William Pope Civitas Institute. Again, while these funds took the form of general support, Civitas is heavily invested in destroying Obamacare through its research and policy work. [1]


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