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  • Lord Truscott Non-executive director and consultant to African Minerals (UK) Ltd appointed April 2008, approved by the ACOBA. Truscott only continued this role until 2009 but retains shareholdings in the company.

Lobbying and PR firms


  • British hedge fund RAB Capital's Situations Company Ltd has invested in this company

Contact details

African Minerals Limited
5 Stratton Street
London W1J 8LA

External resources

  • Human Rights Watch, 'Whose Development? Human Rights Abuses in Sierra Leone’s Mining Boom'
This 96-page report documents how the government and London-based African Minerals Limited forcibly relocated hundreds of families from verdant slopes to a flat, arid area in Tonkolili District. As a result, residents lost their ability to cultivate crops and engage in income generating activities that once sustained them. Police carried out a bloody crackdown in the town of Bumbuna in April 2012 to quell a protest by workers who went on strike after being barred from forming a union of their own choosing. [1]


  1. Whose Development?, Human Rights Watch, 19 February 2014