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Adrian Freer is Director Civil Nuclear Security at the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) (previously known as Div. 5 Office for Civil Nuclear Security). He is based in Perth in the UK.


Freer has been in his ONR director role since 2011. He was previously Assistant Director Civil Nuclear Security at the Nuclear Directorate and an independent consultant at private security firms Control Risks and Olive Group.

He has a background in the British Army. According to his LinkedIn profile:

Adrian Freer served in the Army for 33 years (Parachute Regiment) and retired as a major general in 2005. He commanded 2 Para in 1992/4, the Infantry Training Centre Catterick 94/97 and 5 AB Bde 97/99. He served in the PJHQ 2000/02, commanded the IMATT Sierra Leone 202/03 and was the Kosovo Protection Corps Coordinator 2004/05.

Since leaving the Army he has been a consultant with Olive Group in Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, was an independent executive consultant for Control Risks and carried out a number of security consultative visits to East Africa on behalf of the British Peace Support Team. He joined the Office for Civil Nuclear Security in 2008. [1]


Freer regulates security at civil licensed nuclear sites, and all other locations where sensitive nuclear information is held; and the movement by road and rail within the UK, and globally within UK flagged vessels of nuclear and other radioactive material.[2] [2]

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