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Shonaig Macpherson is a ubiquitous figure in Scottish business, political and cultural life. Indeed she cuts across all of these areas of Scottish life, but in doing so she clearly does it with a pro-business and corporate agenda.

She worked for thirteen years with McGrigor Donald. In September 2004 she ended her professional career as Senior Partner Scotland for McGrigors. Her current appointments include; Cultural Commissioner for the Scottish Executive, Non-Executive member of the Management Group of the Scottish Executive. [1]


Shonaig Macpherson is a Bachelor of Laws with Honours, has a Certificate of Legal Practice - College of Law, a Diploma of Legal Practice and is qualified to practise as a solicitor in Scotland, England and Wales. [2]

Corporate roles

Higher education roles

She is a member of Court of the University of Edinburgh, Governor of Edinburgh College of Art and Visiting Professor to, and Privy Council's nominee to, the convocation of the Court of Heriot-Watt University.

Arts and voluntary sector

She is a Trustee of The Robertson Trust, a Director of Edinburgh International Film Festival Limited,

Corporate lobby groups

She is the Chairman of the Board of Scottish Council for Development and Industry and Chair of the board of the SCDI funded pro-market think tank the Scottish Council Foundation. She is also Deputy President of the British Chambers of Commerce. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and was elected as an ordinary member of its council in October 2005. Finally, she is the Chairwoman of the National Trust for Scotland [4]