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Joseph E. Slater (1922 - 2002) was an economist, policy planning staff member at the U.S. Department of State, and longtime president of the Aspen Institute.[1]

Born in Salt Lake City, Slater was educated at University of California, Berkeley.

World War II

During World War II, Slater joined the U.S. Navy and was posted to London, where he worked on plans for post-war Europe. His next assignment was at Versailles, on the staff of Robert D. Murphy where he helped to design the structure for the Disarmament and Armed Forces Secretariat of the Allied Control Authority.[2]

Following German surrender, Slater served as secretary of the Office of Military Government's Economics Division, and assistant U.S. secretary with the Allied Control Council in Berlin.[3] He participated in the sealing of the German ministries, and in the dismantling of the German navy.[2]

After Germany

From 1953 to 1957 he was chief economist at Creole Petroleum company, the Venezuelan subsidiary of Standard Oil of New Jersey. [4]


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