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Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd is responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of 'Coca-Cola' products in Great Britain, supplying around 240 million cases every year. [1]

Social Responsibility

We place great importance on supporting and working with the communities in which we operate, and take our social responsibilities very seriously, whether they concern the people who live and work in and around our sites, or society as a whole. We're also committed to putting something back into the community - below you can view some of the numerous programmes and charities we support all over Great Britain. [2]


We at Coca‑Cola Enterprises are committed to numerous programmes which aim to minimise the impact of industry on the environment. We also work with other companies and organisations to share best practice throughout the industry.

CCE isn't just committed to making packaging recyclable. We want as much of our packaging as possible to be made from recycled material, too.

100% of our cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles and cardboard packaging is recyclable. Wherever possible we use recycled materials in the manufacture of our packaging too. Our glass bottles are made of 40% recycled glass and our cans contain a significant amount of recycled material.

We also go to great lengths to reduce the amount of material used in our packaging. Our plastic bottles are around 30% lighter than they were 15 years ago.

Coca‑Cola Enterprises manufacturing plants have systems which meet international standards for environmental management, and we are in the process of implementing environmental standards into our total quality management system. For example, this would mean challenging both our suppliers and our major customers to use best practice methods on recycling and waste reduction. Even on an individual level, we ask our employees to make personal commitments to waste reduction and recycling.[3]

We don't just promote initiatives within our own company. We think it is important to co-operate with other organisations to develop and enhance waste reduction and recycling initiatives.

We work closely with Valpak, the biggest scheme for the recovery and recycling of packaging waste in the UK. Coca‑Cola Enterprises also sponsors Valpak's collection of packaging from the licensed trade.

'Recycle More Glass', an organisation which collects cans and bottles from bars and clubs, also receives help from us on how to be more efficient, effective and economical.

In addition, we support organisations lobbying for the improvement of Britain's plastics recycling infrastructure. [4]

Lobbying firms

Former lobbying firms


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