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Albany Associates International Limited (Company number 05256920) began work in 2004 and state that their "specialty is developing and implementing innovative strategies in transitional and challenging communications environments. We have unrivalled practical international experience and understanding of how strategic communications can build bridges between policy, regulation, media independence, pluralism and competition and how to integrate these norms into the most difficult political, social and economic contexts"[1].

Albany Associates were founded by Dieter Loraine and Simon Haselock, both of whom had served in the Royal Marines and had worked with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office as part of the Media Development and Regulation Advisory Team in Iraq.

In 2007 the company worked with the BBC World Service Trust and IREX Europe in Iraq as part of a project to develop a professional code of conduct and regulatory framework for the media in Iraq[2].

Albany were awarded a contract worth $2.4 million from the United States Government and Iraqi Reconstruction and Management Office between November 2006 and November 2008 to "provide a comprehensive training and capacity-building program in order to strengthen the independence of Iraq’s converged regulator of broadcasting and telecommunications, the Communications and Media Commission"[3].

Albany and strategic communications in Syria



Dieter Loraine | Simon Haselock | Doug Griffin | Caroline Jaine - Head of Communications and Marketing



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