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William 'Mo' Courtney is a loyalist figure in Belfast. He was jailed for his role in the 2003 killing of UDA man Alan McCullough. In 2013, he was convicted of headbutting a woman.[1]

On 22 April 2007, A Martin Breen article in the News of the World gives details of an afffidavit sworn by Metropolitan Police Detective Chief Inspector Graham Taylor of the Stevens Inquiry, naming Courtney as one of the killers of Pat Finucane on the basis of evidence from a UDA mole. The article stated: "The affidavit from DCI Taylor has never been read out in court and was part of other proceedings brought by the Stevens Inquiry to obtain documents for its investigation. We have obtained the document from a source not involved in the Stevens Inquiry or Crown Prosecution Service."[2]

According to the Sunday Life Courtney is referred to by the cypher L/22 in the De Silva report into the killing of Pat Finucane.[3]

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