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Logo of the Maverick Club, circa 2000, a part of the LM network

The Maverick Club was associated with the libertarian anti-environmental LM network. It was a dinner and debating club founded and run by LM associates Jan Macvarish [1] and Tony Gilland. Maverick Club was active between around 1998 [2] [3] [4] and 2002. [5] Amongst its speakers was LM associate Kenan Malik. [6]

Beyond orthodoxy?

According to a report on the Lobbywatch website, one of those who ran the Maverick club was Tony Gilland, at the time he is the Science and Society Director at the Institute of Ideas (IoI) which 'claims to be all about opening up public debate. Its declared mission is to go beyond the "orthodoxies" that "narrow discussion", and the impression created is one of ardent support for free speech.'[7]

One of those invited to the club to give a talk contacted Lobbywatch. 'The people at the dinner', the source said 'were mainly under 35 and reasonably well off - it was a GBP40 dinner.' The invitation had come from the Club's leading light, Tony Gilland.

To the 'astonishment', of the guest, 'when the dinner took place, only the opposing speaker was given the opportunity to put her point of view. As a result, the person who contacted us tried to respond from the floor, arguing against what had been said. "Tony Gilland, who was chairing the event, then aided and abetted the audience into literally howling me down. Their howls when I tried to speak were astounding. A cross between a coven and a very nasty gang of teenagers."'[7]

According to Lobbywatch, 'The only comparable experience the speaker had ever had was in a debate on violent pornography at a cult film theatre.' On that occasion "the audience had been dressed entirely in black leather - not one person was dressed in any other colour. They too howled at me and one man raised his arm and pointed it at me like a gun and shouted, 'Freedom is the barrel of a gun!' - and was cheered."[7]


The Maverick Club UK Limited
36 Tritton Road
London SE21 8DE
020 8761 4592
07909 993 007
Internet Archive


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