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LM network resources
Kevin Rooney in 2010

Kevin Rooney is a London based teacher and is associated with the libertarian anti-environmental LM network. He has written for Living Marxism and Spiked [1] and contributed to the organisation of Institute of Ideas and Battle of Ideas events. [2] Kevin is the husband and brother in law of, respectively, LM associates Fiona Fox and Claire Fox. He is an organiser for Fans For Freedom [3]


Rooney has written about Ireland for spiked and helped to organise Institute of Ideas events on this. Other publications include:

  • Kevin Rooney, 'Education: A panacea for our sectarian ills?' in Peace or War? Understanding the Peace Process in Northern Ireland Edited by Chris Gilligan and Jon Tonge (1997) ISBN 1 85972 519 8 Hardback 167pp Ashgate Publishing Limited[4] The chapter appeared in a book featuring two other ex-comrades from RCP days: Co-editor Chris Gilligan and chapter author Mark Ryan.


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