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Incorporated London Ltd are a public relations company based in London and set up by Godric Smith and Greg Nugent in April 2013.



A screenshot of the minimal Inc London website

After it was revealed Labour MP Tessa Jowell had been employed by Inc who do not declare their clients, PRCA director general, Francis Ingham, said: 'Every PRCA member discloses the names of all of their clients and all of their staff on a quarterly basis. If you're ashamed of you clients; ashamed of your staff; and refuse to sign up to a code of conduct, you shouldn't expect to curry much public confidence.' On the subject, APPC chairman Iain Anderson also said: 'Our approach at the APPC is clear – you can’t be a policymaker and a lobbyist. That’s why we operate a strict code of conduct which has transparency as its hallmark.'[1]


The company's website simply says the company's name, address, email and telephone; no further information is provided.


  • Godric Smith, co-founder. Former civil servant who has worked in the press office of the Department of Health, 10 Downing Street and as Tony Blair's official spokesman and head of strategic communications. Smith was also director of communications for London 2012 and worked for the Government Olympic Executive.[2]
  • Greg Nugent, co-founder. Former director at London 2012, CEO of Clarence House and marketing director at Eurostar.[3]
  • Tessa Jowell, senior adviser. In February 2015, Labour MP Jowell declared receiving £10,000 from Inc for 'providing advice on strategy and project development' for three days during October to December 2014.[4] Jowell has said: 'My role is to provide advice and support to the founders rather than to work with their clients. I will also be undertaking mentoring and development with their young staff members.'[1]

A spokesperson for the company has said Inc have six full time members of staff.[1]


  • BBC. In September 2013, former Labour MP James Purnell, now at the BBC, hired Inc to ‘provide external perspective and expertise’ to the BBC’s own communications team and to rebuild it's reputation after the Saville scandal in a £100,000 deal.[5][6]
  • Gatwick Airport. In April 2014 it was revealed the airport had brought in Inc as it hoped to receive help with the political battle for a second runway. It is thought Gatwick, who have existing relationships for public relations with Fishburn Hedges and London Communications Agency, have a £10 million PR budget.[7][8]


Address: Two John Street,
Phone: +44 (0)203 405 4272


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