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Dominic Raab was appointed Housing Minister in January 2018.

Raab was previously parliamentary under secretary at the Ministry of Justice (from 2015), where he worked under Michael Gove. [1]

He has been the Conservative Party MP for Esher and Walton since the 2010 general election.[2] In the 2015 election, Raab was re-elected with a majority of 28,616. [3]

Free market think tank links

Raab has published a number of reports with the right wing think tank, the Centre for Policy Studies, including:

  • November 2011: 'Escaping the straight jacket: 10 regulatory reforms to create jobs'. This proposes 'seven changes to domestic legislation and regulations, and three changes to EU agreements, which could stimulate job creation'. These included: introducing no fault dismissal for underperforming employees; requiring a majority of support from balloted members for any strike in the emergency and transport sectors; abolishing the Working Time Regulations, which transpose the EU Working Time Directive into UK law; abolishing the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (which gives agency workers the right to the same basic employment and working conditions as full-time staff and gives effect in UK law to the EU's Temporary and Agency Workers Directive); and the reform of TUPE regulations, another EU regulation that preserves employees' terms and conditions when a business is transferred to a new employer.[4]
  • July 2012: 'Unleashing the British Underdog: 10 bets on the little guy.' This included an array of policy proposals, including: Opening up the scheme that sponsors children from all backgrounds to go to private schools; fast-tracking 'Troops to Teachers', a scheme that encouraged more schools staffed by veterans to be set up in areas of deprivation (which, when later implemented, attracted very few applicants); teaching refugees English on arrival; as well as tax breaks for start-ups and micro-businesses, such as exemptions on employers’ NI contributions and cuts in business rates[5]


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