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Lord Charles Henry Plumb is a lobbyist with the Brussels-based lobbying firm Alber and Geiger (since 2007) and a Member of the House of Lords, Westminster, London.[1] He was President of the European Parliament (1987-89), former Co-President ACP/EU Joint Assembly (1994-99), Honorary Member of the European Parliament (1999-present), and speaker for agriculture. Former President of the National Farmers Union, President of the International Federation of Agricultural Producers, President of the Royal Agricultural Society of England and Chairman of the International Policy Council on Agriculture, Food & Trade.

He holds Honorary Doctors of Science from the Cranfield Institute of Technology, the De Montfort University and the Silsoe College of Technology, an Honorary Doctor of Law from the University of Warwick and an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Gloucestershire.


Founding partner of Alber & Geiger, Geiger said: "We're the first lobbying-focused law firm in Europe and we're following the lobbying law model from Washington [DC]."[2] Also on its website Alber & Geiger claims that "[…] many important political ties were forged from our professionals’ earlier government and parliament experience […]".[3]


In 2012 it was reported that Lord Plumb had failed to declare his advisory role with the lobbying firm in the UK Lords' Register of Interest for five years. He listed his only remunerated employment/profession as ‘farming’.[4]

Former positions

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