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<table cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" border="1" align="right" bgcolor="#FFFFDF" bordercolor="#000000" width="15%"><tr><td bgcolor="#FFFFDF" colspan="1" valign="top">'''Help Guide'''
* [[Powerbase:FAQ|Frequently asked questions]]
* [[Powerbase:Editorial Policy|Editorial Policy]]
* How to [[Powerbase:Getting involved|get involved]] and contribute.
'''How do I do that?'''
* [[Powerbase:A Guide to Referencing|A Guide to Referencing]]
* [[Powerbase:A Guide to Sourcing|A guide to using sources]]
* [[Powerbase:Searching|How to search for an article]]
* [[Powerbase:How To Edit A Page|How to edit a page]]. 
* Experiment in the [[Powerbase:Sandbox|Powerbase sandbox]]
* [[Powerbase:How to Start a Page|How to start a new page]]
* [[Powerbase:Talk Page|How to use talk pages]]
* [[Powerbase:How to log in|How to log in]]
* [[Powerbase:How to Rename (Move) a Page|How to rename a page]]
* [[Powerbase:Image Use Policy and Guidelines|How to upload images]]
* [[Powerbase:How to Redirect a Page|How to redirect a page]]
=== About Spinprofiles ===
'''Getting in touch'''
* [[Spinprofiles:FAQ|Frequently asked questions]].
* [[Powerbase:Query|Query]] page.
* [[Spinprofiles:policies and guidelines|Policies and guidelines for contributors]].
* [[Powerbase:Requested articles|Requested articles]]
=== How do I do that? ===
'''Information and resources for contributors'''
* [[Spinprofiles:How to explore Spinprofiles|How to explore Spinprofiles]].
* [[Powerbase:Contributing|Guidelines for contributors]]
* [[Spinprofiles:Searching|How to search for an article]].
* [[Powerbase:Manual of Style|Manual of style]]
* [[Spinprofiles:How does one edit a page|How to edit a page]].  Anyone, including ''you'', can edit a page, here's how! (The [[Help:Quick guide to editing|Quick guide to editing]]).
* [[Powerbase:Naming Conventions|Naming Conventions]]
* Experiment with editing articles in the [[Spinprofiles:Sandbox|Spinprofiles sandbox]].
* [[Powerbase:Etiquette|Etiquette]]
* [[Spinprofiles:How to start a page|How to start a new page]].
* [[Spinprofiles:Talk page|How to use talk pages]], which are used to discuss how to improve articles.
* [[Spinprofiles:How to log in|How to log in]].
* [[Spinprofiles:User preferences help|How to set preferences]].
* [[Spinprofiles:How to rename a page|How to rename a page]].
* [[Spinprofiles:Uploading Images & PDFs|How to Upload Images and Pdfs]]
* [[Spinprofiles:How to use redirect pages|How to use redirect pages]].
* [[Spinprofiles:How to revert a page to an earlier version|How to revert a page to an earlier version]].
* [[Spinprofiles:How to delete pages|How to delete pages]]
* [[w:Wikipedia:Extended image syntax|Wikipedia's page on using the "extended image syntax,"]] a simple and easy way to use images within wiki pages.
=== Getting in touch ===
* If you have a specific question that you want answered, post it on the [[Spinprofiles:Query|Query]] page. See also [[Spinprofiles:Requested articles|Requested articles]]
[[Category:Powerbase Help]]
=== Information and resources for contributors ===
* [[Spinprofiles:Policy|Policies for contributors]].
* [[Spinprofiles:Manual of Style|Manual of style]]
[[Category:Spinprofiles Help]]

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Help Guide

How do I do that?

Getting in touch

Information and resources for contributors