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The Middle East Forum describes itself as a think tank that is working "to define and promote American interests in the Middle East." The Forum was founded in 1990 and became an "independent organization in 1994."

"The Forum holds that the United States has vital interests in the region; in particular, it believes in strong ties with Israel, Turkey, and other democracies as they emerge; works for human rights throughout the region; seeks a stable supply and a low price of oil; and promotes the peaceful settlement of regional and international disputes."[1]

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Source: Juan Cole, Informed Comment, Dec. 8, 2004. (Comments below by Cole)


"Here is the information on the “Middle East Forum” (which isn't a “forum” at all, it is just some sugar daddy giving Pipes $20 million a decade, on which he pays no taxes, apparently for the purpose of smearing and bullying people with whom he disagrees).
  • Revenue: $2,136,592
  • Expenses: $2,024,412
  • Assets: $519,519
  • Liabilities: $185,966
— Juan Cole, Dec. 8, 2004.


1500 Walnut Street
Suite 1050
Philadelphia, PA 19102
TEL: (215) 546-5406
FAX: (215) 546-5409
E-Mail: info@meforum.org

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