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Hi Teresa,

good work on the MP's. Can you try and add categories at the foot of the page as appropriate? the formatting is as follows:

[[Category:MP|Lastname, Firstname]][[Category:British Politician|Lastname, Firstname]]

A full list of current categories is here Categories

I see there is already a 'Funeral Industry' category and you might discuss with claire which other Funeral related categories could or should be created

Also can you make sure that you insert redirects in pages which have slightly differing titles. eg All-Party Parliamentary Group for Funerals & Bereavement. If you go to that page and insert#redirect[[All-Party Parliamentary Group for Funerals and Bereavement]] that will make sure that the page redirects to the correct page whenever it appears in this differing form/

Also can you add ==Notes== <references/> at the bottom of each page so that the references show up?

thanks again

--David 14:03, 27 March 2010 (UTC)

Hi Theresa, thanks very much for the MP APPG updates. There seems to however be some formatting issues with the references in the They Work for Us links - these are coming up as numerals eg see below next to the initial arrow.:

  1. ↑ [1], TheyWorkForYou website, accessed 4 August 2010.
  2. ↑ [2], TheyWorkForYou website, accessed 4 August 2010.

I've corrected a couple however would you mind please doing the others: you just need to move the closed square bracket from the end of the web address, until after the word website (as you've done with all the other refs.

thanks again --Melissa Jones 23:32, 4 August 2010 (UTC)

Eg as I did with Jenny Wilcott ref links:

[1] Willott entered Parliament on 5 May 2005 - General election.[2]

--Melissa Jones 23:34, 4 August 2010 (UTC)
  1. TheyWorkForYou website, accessed 4 August 2010.
  2. TheyWorkForYou website accessed 4 August 2010.