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Michael Cudlipp (1934-2004) was a British journalist and administrator.[1]

He was born into a family of prominent journalists, the son of Evening Standard editor Percy Cudlipp, and the nephew of Reg and Hugh Cudlipp.[1]

As a public relations consultant in the late 1970s, he worked for the Government first in Northern Ireland.[1] According to Paul Foot, his appointment was a response to leaks from the Army during the Ulster Workers Council strike:

It was to try to stop these leaks and restore some semblance of responsibility and loyalty to the government in the Army Information Service that Michael Cudlipp, a former Fleet Street journalist, was appointed to take charge of Northern Ireland information services on 25 July (two days after the leak to The Times about the auxiliary police). But Cudlipp could do little to stop it.[2]

He subsequently worked at the National Enterprise Board.[1]



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